Olivia is a proud woman of Fijian descent and is grounded in strong cultural values. Finding many similarities between her own Indigenous culture of Fiji and that of the First Nations people, she is eager to learn more through her love of family road trips, taking the roads less travelled and is seeking to make connections with locals to gain more cultural knowledge.

Olivia has worked for over 10years in Youth Justice and has a passion to help children, young people and their families survive, strive, and thrive in their communities. Starting out as a Detention Youth Worker, her enthusiasm to improve service delivery has created many opportunities to undertake other roles within Youth Justice. From her work experience in Youth Detention and seeing first-hand the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in the justice system, Olivia has developed a desire to turn her focus towards prevention and early intervention in our communities.

Olivia joins QATSICPP as a Project Officer (part-time) with the Strategy and Workforce Development team. She is excited to invest her time and effort into a role and an organisation that will create systemic change, support, and empower First Nations children, young people, and their families to continue to build stronger, safer communities through cultural knowledge, guidance and family-led decision making.