Tools for change

Delegated Authority is a transformational reform in Queensland, promoting self-determination and the safe care and connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children with their families, kin, communities and culture. Delegated Authority enables statutory child protection decision-making about individual children and families to be made by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander leaders in community. It has commenced in Queensland with delegations to the community controlled sector being in place for over 100 children and young people and implementation planning is underway for its expansion across the state.

This page will be regularly updated with information about the roll out of Delegated Authority across Queensland.

Blueprint – Reclaiming Our Storyline – Transforming systems and practice by making decisions in our way

QATSICPP and the department of child safety have partnered to develop a 10 year blueprint for implementing delegated authority in Queensland. Reclaiming our storyline outlines the process and actions to be taken over time to progress this new way of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. This blueprint also signals the…

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Delegated Authority Action Research Report

Implementing Delegated Authority – Capturing our Story Final Action Research Report was released by QATSICPP in October 2021. This action research project aimed to engage in reflection and gain a deeper understanding of what works within the implementation of Delegated Authority in Queensland. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early adopter organisations alongside Departmental staff contributed…

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