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Working for a better future and outcomes for our children

Strengthening Cultural Practice through Quality Workshop Training

Practice Standards & Supervision Framework Workshop Training

QATSICPP continues to deliver on the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Child Protection Practice Standards and Supervision Framework across the sector i.e: Family Wellbeing Services, Family Participation Programs, Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women.


Future workshop training are in discussion and planning with organisation such as Mura Kosker Sorority Inc, Benevolent Society and CREATE as well as possible community based workshop training with key community stakeholders.

So far, a total of 351 staff have participate in the Practice Standards and Supervision Framework workshop training, with majority of participants reporting on completion of the practice standards and supervision framework workshop training, they felt very confident in applying and knowledgeable in working with the sectors practice frameworks.


“I liked the exercise and robust discussions about this. Lovely way the discussion was facilitated”

“Enjoyed the use of different activities to cover the content”

“All the activities were great and although some content was genetic it was inspiring to see how this model of supervision fits so well with the practice standards. We can only aspire to achieve this degree of integration with our mainstream practice and processes”

“The training is very helpful and adds a layer of new learning. Feeling valued as a worker. Thank you.”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Led Decision Making Workshop

With the introduction of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Participation Program (FPP) end of 2018, QATSICPP has been engaged to facilitate a series of workshops focusing on Family Led Decision Making (FLDM).

Following on from FLDM workshops conducted last year workshops primarily attended by Family Wellbeing staff, the FLDM program was reformatted to a 3-day program focusing on the 5 FLDM phases, Legislation, core functions and facilitation skills for FPP facilitators.

The highlight of the 3 days was the opportunity for participants to role-play Phase 3 of the FLDM process, sharing and learning from each other, especially experienced staff imparting their knowledge and experiences to younger facilitators.

A total of 49 FPP facilitators have participated so far from 8 FPP providers including Kambu Health Services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Service, Kalwun Development Corporation, Central Queensland Indigenous Development, Remote Area Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Care Advisory Association Inc, Wuchopperen Health Services, Mackay and Region Aboriginal and Islander Development Association and Girudala Community Co-Operative Society Inc.

Two more workshops will be delivered, one in late August with the final workshop in later September.  

QATSICPP also designed and facilitated a 2-day FLDM workshop for the Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women staff. A total of 30 Department staff (Cultural Practice Advisors, Principle Team Leaders – CFDM, FGM Convenors, Practice Leaders) from across five regions participated in this 2-day workshop. The workshop program focused on building participants knowledge and understanding of FPP and FLDM process and how they can actively support transformational change within the Department.


“Learning from the trainers and other FPP staff, well structured training” – FPP worker

“unpacking each process and meeting other workers in FPP and listening to their experiences and knowledge” – FPP worker

“Very informative- thought provoking, would have been more beneficial to have FPP services present” – Department staff

“Great connection, Greater understanding of FPP, Action plan ideas as region and individual” – Department staff


(FPP Participants - Brisbane - July 2019 workshop)


(Participants from the Department of Child Safety, Youth Women – July 2019)


(FPP participants – Cairns – August 2019 workshop)

Youth justice

(Youth Justice FLDM participants – Brisbane – August 2019)

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    of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were placed with a kinship or Indigenous carer.
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    There are 69,200 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children / young people in Queensland.