Casey McMurtrie

Senior Project Officer Youth Justice - Member Services

Paula May

Communications and Event Co-ordinator - Member Engagement and Communications

+61731537772 Paula is a South African woman who migrated with her family as a child in 1989 and joined the QATSICPP team in 2018 with a background in hospitality, event management and community radio. Since joining our Team, Paula and has held roles as Office Manager, Project Officer, and Quality Manager. Paula is passionate and…

Lacreicha Major

Finance and HR Manager - Corporate Services

+61731537768 Lacreicha Major is a proud Kalkadoon/Mitakoodi woman from North West Queensland. She has worked within the not-for-profit social services sector and the community controlled sector for over 10 years in Finance, HR and Administrative related roles. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce, she is currently studying to become a Chartered Accountant. Lacreicha has a strong…

Olivia Tokalaulevu

Project Officer - Practice & Workforce Development

+61735180072 Olivia is a proud woman of Fijian descent and is grounded in strong cultural values. Finding many similarities between her own Indigenous culture of Fiji and that of the First Nations people, she is eager to learn more through her love of family road trips, taking the roads less travelled and is seeking to…

Tiresa Va’ai

Project Officer - Practice & Workforce Development

+61735180075 Tiresa is a proud Samoan woman who hails from the village of Sataua, Savai’i and raised in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Greatly influenced by the matriarchs of her family, she was encouraged to pursue knowledge, help others unassumingly and challenge ideals that conflicted with their cultural norms. These values and connection to family have…

Tamara Creamer

Senior Practitioner - Practice & Workforce Development

+61731537784 Tamara is a strong Kalkadoon/Waanyi woman who hails from North West Queensland. Tamara joins QATSICPP with a teaching background and over six years experience in the child protection sector.  Tamara is inspired about being at the forefront of change and empowerment for Indigenous Australian families involved in child protection. Tamara is passionate for addressing…

Position Vacant

Data Analyst - Policy, Research and Evaluation

Lucas Moore

Advocacy Lead - Strategy

+61731537785 Lucas Moore has been working and volunteering for 20 years in systemic advocacy, community development and the media.  He worked for over 12 years with the CREATE Foundation, a national advocacy body promoting the voices of children and young people with a care experience. While with CREATE Lucas undertook a variety of roles, including…

Kristin Wuruki

Senior Policy Officer - Strategy

Kristin is from Boigu Island, Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait). With her father’s side from Boigu Island and her mother is Australian, Kristin understands what life is like walking in two worlds; observing and experiencing the challenges first-hand of navigating and accessing systems and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. As a result, Kristin…

Reno French

DA Project Officer - Delegated Authority

Reno is a project officer that is working on the implementation of Delegated Authority. Reno has worked in the Community Controlled, Federal Government and Local Government with experience in management and government initiatives. Reno is qualified in Child Youth and Family intervention space and has worked in the family prevention space and Community Develop space…