Eliza’s cultural and ancestral ties are both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Her ancestral ties are from North Western to Eastern South Australia (Adnyamathanha – Flinders Ranges) and Saibai Island in the Torres Strait. Eliza has worked in the NGO sector for over six years; in both ACCO’s and mainstream Family Support Services. Eliza is qualified in Child, Youth and Family Intervention, and is about to complete her Bachelor of Indigenous Studies; with further plans to complete her Graduate Certificate in Human Rights.

Eliza’s biggest passion is fighting against the social injustices that our mob are faced with on a daily basis. In her role at QATSICPP her focus on Child Protection is driven from her goal to ensure the voices and rights of our children, young people and families are heard. Eliza cannot wait for the day to see equality and fair treatment across all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights and sovereignty for our people.

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