Mitaru McGaughey

Data Analyst

+61735180072 Mitaru is responsible for accounts payable and supports our team with office administration and support as required.

Lenny Dahlen

Manager Member Engagement & Communications

+61735180076 Lenny is a descendant of the Quankamooka Nation (North Stradboke Island) and Koa peoples (Winton area) and has connections to Cherbourg where his mother was born and raised. Lenny says the best part of his work is knowing that we are having a positive impact on the lives of our children, young people and…

Lyndell O’Connor

Sector Development Officer

+61735180079 A Proud Waanyi Woman from the lower gulf area of Northern Queensland, Lyndell grew up in Mount Isa. Lyndell graduated from James Cook University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Laws and has since worked in the community legal sector and government agencies, including Child Safety and the Office of the Public Guardian. Lyndell…

Justin Power

Principal Project Officer - Program Implementation & Performance

+61731537789 Justin draws is Aboriginal and Torres Strait connection from his mother as a proud descendant of the Birri-Gubba Juru (Bowen), Janga (Mt Coolon) and Birri (Collinsville) peoples in North Queensland. Also, on his mother’s side he has strong ties to Ugar Island in the Torres Strait. His father is a Darumbal man from Rockhampton…

Reno French

Project Officer - Innovation and Practice Development Team

Reno is a project officer that is working on the implementation of Delegated Authority. Reno has worked in the Community Controlled, Federal Government and Local Government with experience in management and government initiatives. Reno is qualified in Child Youth and Family intervention space and has worked in the family prevention space and Community Develop space…

Lucas Moore

Project Officer - Policy, Research and Evaluation

+61731537785 Lucas Moore has been working and volunteering for 20 years in systemic advocacy, community development and the media.  He worked for over 12 years with the CREATE Foundation, a national advocacy body promoting the voices of children and young people with a care experience. While with CREATE Lucas undertook a variety of roles, including…

Tamara Creamer

Project Officer - Innovation and Practice Development

+61731537784 Tamara is a strong Kalkadoon/Waanyi woman who hails from North West Queensland. Tamara joins QATSICPP with a teaching background and over six years experience in the child protection sector.  Tamara is inspired about being at the forefront of change and empowerment for Indigenous Australian families involved in child protection. Tamara is passionate for addressing…

Paula May

Quality Manager

+61731537772 Inspired by the people striving for the best outcomes for children and families, Paula is a Project Officer for our Corporate Services team. She assists our CEO and provides office administration services and support to all of QATSCPP’s departments. She also manages bookings for events and training.

Eva Ruggiero

Policy Advisor

+61735180071 Eva contributes to developing evidence-based policy options and recommendations, as well as submissions and position statements, that strengthen policy and program offerings for our Members and our children and families. Eva conducts reviews of, and advocates for better implementation of the Child Placement Principle. She approaches research by co-creating knowledge and evaluation systems with…

Andrea Osborne

Director Corporate Services

+61731537771 Inspired to support people who can instigate real change and greater outcomes for vulnerable children and families, Andrea leads and manages our corporate services and finance systems. This includes managing human resources, contracts, issued equipment, and our training and qualifications register. Andrea also manages and maintains our Quality Management System.