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Working for a better future and outcomes for our children

Family Matters Queensland Update August 2018

Family Matters: Strong Communities. Strong Culture. Stronger Children is Australia’s national campaign to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people grow up safe and cared for in family, community and culture.

Since May and the Family Matters National Week of Action (May 14 – 20), we have continued to drive targeted efforts and strategies lead by the Queensland Family Matters Leadership Group. The Leadership Group comprises signatories to the Family Matters campaign and sets the priorities for action in our jurisdiction. 

Latest Queensland Family Matters Leadership Group meetings were held in May and July, with another set for August. A key work priority at this time has included finalising a request for regionally disaggregated data sets, to move toward a routine arrangement for collation and distribution of regional report cards. 

A separate data group was formed earlier in the year from the composition of the Leadership group, to develop the indicators that make up the content of the request. The aim is to develop routine, regional report cards that profile key outcomes and indicators, consistent with the scope of measures included in the Family Matters national report; to begin to tell our own narrative between the regional, state and national levels. 

Another priority that is being progressed is the development of a Family Matters organisational self-audit tool. The aim is to develop a self-audit tool that assesses organisational policy, practice, processes and programs against the four Family Matters Building Blocks. Once finalised, it will be a requirement that all signatories to the Family Matters Campaign complete the self-audit tool.

A continuing focus of Queensland Family Matters also includes raising the profile and engagement of the Campaign. Queensland now has its own webpage within the national Family Matters website ( which can be accessed via the interactive map of all jurisdictions. The Queensland page also includes access to resources, such as the Queensland Community Resource Guide. Your can also sign the Family Matters Pledge (for individuals) or Statement of Commitment (for organisations) at the 

As mentioned in the last newsletter edition, special thanks go again to all who supported and participated in the Family Matters National Week of Action (May 14 - 20). In addition to convening two film screening events for the Week, Family Matters Queensland also received submissions from young people who had their say on why family matters to them. 

We are excited to share one of the submissions from a young Aboriginal boy who is a descendant of the Yuggera people. 

“My family matters to me because they are loyal, caring, loving people. Family are important because if you are down they will cheer you up and if you make a bad decision they will never turn their backs on you.
Family will make sure that you have an honourable education.
Family means different things to different people but to me my family has a special culture. I am of Aboriginal descent and our tribe is the Yuggera tribe. We have a lot of family members. Some of them are more into the culture than others. Some do traditional paintings and sacred dances, for example my Aunty and my great-grandmother. 
My great-grandmother teaches me some of the words of the language of our tribe. I would like to say thank you to my ancestors who have passed on their language, and culture to younger generations because it forms an important part of my identity and also my family members.”


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    of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were placed with a kinship or Indigenous carer.
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    There are 69,200 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children / young people in Queensland.